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Rick Loukota and Tresa Loukota

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Meet Rick Tresa Loukota, Rick Loukotaand Tresa Loukota

In 1972, Rick’s parents packed up and moved from Colorado where his father accepted a position at the Glen Canyon Dam. At the same time, Tresa’s parents moved from California where her father built the first auto mechanic shop in the town of Page.

It wasn’t long before these two crossed paths and fell in love. They shared a love for music, fishing, cars, and hiking. Tresa worked at RD’s Drive-In and Rick worked at NAPA Auto Parts. In 1976, after years of dating, the high school sweethearts got married.
Jessica Loukota, Sarah Loukota

Starting a Family

A few years after tying the knot, they started a family. Their daughters Jessica and Sarah spent a lot of time on Lake Powell in the summer. Each weekend meant finding the perfect beach where family and friends would join. Both girls began waterskiing at the age of 5.

Winters are cold in Page, so frigid desert days meant hiking as a family. There are so many beautiful hidden areas to hike or explore on four wheelers. If you find yourself in town during the off season, Tresa will gladly give you tips on many great places you can explore!

Work Hard, Demolition DerbyPlay Hard

Rick is known for being able to rebuild any carburetor. Whether it be for a car, boat, or lawn mower - he's got talent! With years of experience in auto parts and his love for racing, it was only natural that some weekends were spent at the drag races with Tresa's family and monster truck rallies. One year, he even built and raced his own car in a demolition derby.

However, Rick had no idea that a demolition derby sponsor Jet Ski MD, once painted on his fender, would be offered to him for sale in 5 years.
Rick and Tresa Loukota

The American Dream

Fast forward to 2000. The kids are off to college. Tresa's burnt out as a loan officer. Rick has 25 years of experience under his belt. It was time for a change.

Tresa always had a lifelong dream of owning a business, but wasn't sure what it would be. So when a long time customer of Rick's offered his business for sale, they knew this was the opportunity they'd been waiting for! The reputable business Jet Ski MD had been in business for about 12 years.

Jet Ski MD H2O-Zone, Powellzone.combecomes H2O-Zone

June 23, 2000, Cory hands over the keys to the Jet Ski MD. He spent 30 days with Rick passing on his best advice for watercraft maintenance and repair. Rick and Tresa were excited for the challenge and experience that awaited them. With their dedication to customer service alongside a dependable product, they knew that their family, friends, and Page locals would also believe it to be a successful business.

With a handpainted sign, power drill, and a lot of faith...
H2O-Zone was born.
Rick Loukota, Chainsaw Sales

Small Engine Repair

Don't be surprised if you see chainsaws, trimmers and lawnmowers in the shop. Rick is well known and recognized for his mechanical talent, not only for Personal Watercraft but also for small engine repairs. The business has multiple personalities and in the winter Rick offers chainsaw maintenance to the locals. This was their first chainsaw sold.

Keeping the business specialized has been key. You'll often find Tresa's parents helping around the shop. Staying humble and working hard is their motto.

Beyond Customer ServiceTresa Loukota, Things to Do on Lake Powell

If you're looking for a bit more guidance on your vacation, look no further than Tresa. Her passion for helping others is felt the moment you walk through the door and are greeted with a smile.

She's walked many customers through the process of backing up a trailer, safely operating the watercraft, and showing a map of the canyons while suggesting places to ride. She'll even remind you to put your sunscreen on and explain how to pack your lunch for the day. It's the little things that make a big difference.
Local, family-owned and operated since 2000

Local, Family-Owned and Operated

Combined, Rick and Tresa make the perfect business partners and Lake Powell is the reason they have lived in Page for over 40 years. They look forward to sharing their experience of the Lake Powell, Glen Canyon area with you. With continued growth and improvements, they enjoy helping to make the vacations of customers even more memorable than the year before!

With over a decade of renting Watercraft to visitors from all over the world, one thing has never changed - their dedication to customers.

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