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Personal Watercraft Repairs on Lake Powell. Sea-Doo Keys. Jet Pump Service, Tune-Up, Engine Rebuilds, Hydro Lock Removal, Winterization and More!

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H2O Zone is your source for personal watercraft repairs. We offer special walk-in priority and after hours rates so you can get back on the lake as quickly as possible.

PWC Tune-Up

Inspection and servicing of all components is vital to the operation of your personal watercraft. Tune-ups are recommended every 50 hours of riding time. Tune-up includes:
  • Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • Inspect/Replace Spark Plugs (if necessary)
  • Grease Power Take Off (if necessary)
  • Carburetor Adjustment (2-Stroke)
  • Lube and Inspect Throttle Body (4-Stroke)

Jet Pump Maintenance

Some jet drives are oil-filled while others operate with sealed ball bearings. Failure to have maintenance performed regularly may result in costly repairs.

Hydro Lock Removal

Hydrostatic lock, hydraulic lock or hydro lock occurs when liquids, typically water, enter an engine cylinder. You can hydro lock a PWC engine by flipping or sinking a machine in the waters and then cranking the engine several times trying to start the engine. This process will bring water up the exhaust system filling the crankcase with water. Because water does not compress, the engine becomes locked up. The best way to remove a hydro lock is to take it to a qualified service center to have the water properly removed. If not handled properly, water ingestion will cause internal corrosion, which results in premature engine failure.

A hydro lock removal on a 4-stroke may vary in time and may take as long as 3 hours for this service. This is because the engine oil has to be removed 2-3 times to get the water out of the crankcase.


In cold climates, it is recommended to winterize personal watercraft. Winterization is the process of removing water from the cylinder block and exhaust system to prevent freezing. This process also includes fogging cylinders with oil to prevent corrosion and rust, along with disabling the electrical system to prevent starting until ready to dewinterize.


Dewinterization is the process of enabling the electrical system, charging the battery, running a compression test on the engine and test-firing to ensure dependability all season long.

Computer Scanning

Computer scans are available for most major brands of personal watercraft. These scans will detect error codes for ease of repairs.


We can also make keys for your Sea-Doo watercraft on site.


Repairs and diagnosis are available for most personal watercraft makes and models. Downtime varies based on availability of parts.